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Charlotte Lewis Jones

AI Lawyer  |  Thought Leader  |  Creator 


bout Charlotte

Charlotte Lewis Jones is an AI lawyer, creator, and mother of three.


She currently leads the product, privacy, and regulatory legal strategy of a public SaaS company, bringing a distinguished 15-year career to her role. Charlotte's expertise lies in: 

  • enabling the development and global expansion of cutting-edge technologies

  • operationalizing and scaling processes

  • mitigating business, reputation and regulatory risks

  • enabling the development of inclusive AI

  • counseling on risks and rewards related to generative AI

Charlotte has also written and published a children's book titled Brainy Billy Builds a Bot. The book, which has received great reviews, teaches children about artificial intelligence and includes other themes around art and family. 

egal Technology Executive


AI | Software | Hardware

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After working for a hardware manufacturer, Charlotte expanded into software and earned her stripes as a tech lawyer at Facebook (Meta). There, she counseled the team building the company's first Facebook-branded hardware product Portal. Portal leveraged AI to build its smart mic and smart camera. In her current role, Charlotte counsels the engineering and product teams, including those leveraging generative AI in their products. She also created and is an integral part of the company's AI Risk Committee. 

AI | Software | Hardware

Legal Technology Executive

Charlotte has spoken as a keynote, panelist, and featured speaker about artificial intelligence since 2018. Some key topics include: 

data acquisition risks and opportunities

hurdles to target and acquire diverse datasets

liability of poorly designed and non-inclusive AI 

tension between privacy and "good" data

AI Speaking Engagements

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Charlotte discusses AI, how it works, how models are trained and her new children's book Brainy Billy Builds a Bot, which addresses all such topics.

Other Appearances


he's spending time with and being inspired by her kids


nd when she's not working

Meet Brainy Billy, a renaissance kid who LOVES solving problems and spending time with his family. Like most kids, he really wants to do what he wants to do - so much that he builds a robot to handle the boring stuff so he can get to the fun stuff!


"Billy is a thoughtful, curious, creative, and loving character who is easy to root for, especially as he navigates troubleshooting and figuring out what he doesn’t want to miss out on, like spending time with his family." - BookLife Review

Meet Brainy Billy


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